Beginner Driver Education

For those are just starting to learn how to drive, we offer Ministry of Transportation approved courses (MTO) and the confidence to drive safely.

To receive a driver’s license in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age. Graduated licensing was introduced in Ontario in April 1994. In order to get your license you need to go through three stages.

In the first stage you obtain a Driver’s handbook which is available at any book store, convenience store, MTO center and also at various other locations. Then, on or after your 16th birthday and once you have studied the handbook, you can go to a Ministry of Transportation office nearest you and write a theoretical G1 exam. Once you pass the exam, you will be given a G1 license and you will be eligible to do a practical road test one year from that date.

Second Stage After getting a G1 permit, if you attend our Etobicoke Driving School approved driving course, you are eligible to reduce the waiting period for your first road test from 12 months to 8 months. At the end of this waiting period you can go for your first road test.

Third Stage Once you have passed the first road test at the end of 8 or 12 months, you are given a G2 license. There are some conditions here but far fewer when compared with G1 conditions.

**NOTE** Due to Covid-19, we have transitioned  our classroom portions for our courses to be taken ONLINE.  We have implemented an online course system to compliment our in-car instruction to help you complete your course.

Book Beginners Program now $789.99 + HST = $892.69

Program Overview

This Beginner Etobicoke Driving School course consists of

  • NEW online training portion – currently done through our new online training system
  • 10 hours in car instruction (car link) Convenient pick up from home school or office
  • 10 hours of independent homework (home link)

Upon completion of full course, a certificate will be issued to students who have completed all their training.

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